Meet Life Hack Coordinator- Hong Ruoyi


Who is Ruoyi?

Seeker. Connector. Crazy dog lady.

What was the first rule in life you were taught?

The 80% rule from my dad! Always save 20% energy and effort to react to unforeseen circumstances.

When did you last exercise your intuition?

Hmmm I guess the most obvious one would be when I quit my job without any plans last September, with very broad directions and thick skin to ask for experiences that I felt would grow and complete me.

When was your head & heart at war/two poles?

A couple of weeks back when I fought with my boyfriend....

If you have to use any of the processes in the Life Cream w/s to describe your usual response to a problem, what would it be?

Chilling (literally for ice cream making!) I find that I come up with my best solutions when I don’t rush into problem-solving! Instead giving myself some time and space to let the problem sink in.