Meet Life Hack Coordinator- Khloe Teo


Who is the True Khloe?

  • She’s someone who is empathetic and wants to KPO on how people are doing with their life. She wants to tell people, Life don’t need to be so hard, we always have a choice to choose fun.

Tell us an authentic tale of your first impression of the Bengs and Zheng Ming.

  • I saw Uncle Simon from ZM helped Jason apply medication on his burn wounds (from cooking) and that kind of connection kind of warms my heart.

What are the different versions of you?

  • I am a creator, a learner, an introvert, an enthusiast

Which do you think you would be head-hunted for? To be a hawkerpreneur or a fitness-preneur? Why?

What can people experience at the upcoming Life Hack #3: Fitness X Community session?

  • Muay Thai/Boxing padworks from damn zai trainer leh. Also, experience the fun we will have and the different perspectives on how we can live our lives.

    Life Hack #3- A Tale of Authenticity
    3 August, Saturday
    4.00pm - 6.00pm