Cooking as a Cherished Process


Often when asked about the modern world, there are almost always two things that preoccupies one’s mind . One is money, the other is food.

The former provides the ability to exchange for greater needs, the latter traditionally known to satiate our hunger and perhaps more so today to satisfy our emotional need.

When Cody walked through our doors at the previous Ideation session, we could sense his desire to free one’s attachment from the stimulants of food that the ‘outside world’ provides and to value cooking as a back-to-basic and yet cherished process.  Sharing this common vision is Hazel, a fellow teacher at the school where Cody teaches, only started her cooking journey in January 2019. A strong believer that cooking is an expression of love, she would be sharing with you three dishes during the workshop. Read on for more.

What cooking utensil would you use to describe yourself ?

The Fork. With The Fork, one can eat almost anything; except soup. No one forks a soup.

What is the one dish that you wish to cook the most?

Tasty meat. Medium-rare steak. Astons; and a marketplace in Portugal (best ribeye I had in my life thus far)

What is your current lunch and dinner like today? How much does it cost?

Lunch usually costs $3-5 with fruits and minimal proteins, as I teach in a primary school that... well... don’t sell much proteins usually... 

Dinner averages $5-10 per pax from the ingredients that my mum uses to cook (sometimes more); or from some hawker fare near my house.

Why is cooking important to you despite one's busy schedule?

Because Save Money Eat Healthy(ier). Being thrifty and leading a simple sustainable lifestyle are important to me. Personally, most of my savings go into long-term investments that “buys” my long-term freedom. That said, instead of scrimping, I also try to find ways to reduce expenditure and remain joyful in the present! And I believe that cooking my own meals allow me to straddle between saving and “splurging on the joys of life” pretty well.

Since this is a paired activity, what do you think in your mind should the distribution of work be? And Why?

Either take turns to cook or one prepares ingredients and one cooks; or discuss what role each partner enjoys doing and come up with a strategy to maximise joy in cooking. 

I truly believe that if there is no joy in the cooking, the food being the medium of our emotions will also be lack of joy. Oh and yes! Unless one party particularly enjoys washing the dishes, otherwise I think take turns la!

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Easy Peasy for the Busy
15 September, Sunday
11am- 1pm

$5 per pax, Lunch Included

Bold At Work, 319 Jurong East St 31, Level 1 Studio

Cooking can be daunting: not knowing how to cook, what to buy, how to buy and how much to buy.

In this 2 hour session with Hazel, teacher by day, cooking enthusiast by night, learn how to create insta-culinary meals that are simple yet delicious.

Meals for 2 pax at $10 under 30 minutes? Checked.Prepare food for a week? Checked.Forget da-pao, don't scared da-pans  Especially perfect for couples trying their luck in the kitchen!

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