Off the Beaten (jurong railway) Track

‘ Let’s go on an adventure to find the tunnel!’

‘ Oh! Let’s pick pebbles and stones along the way!’

Much had been captured about the Tanjong Pagar railway track and its’ green corridor but what’s lesser known is the Jurong railway track, that we suspect had a huge role to play back in the days when Jurong was lined with factories after factories. Surely, there must be economic rationale for its existence. (Do let us know if you have first-hand dips on the historical facts of this!)

After much research, it wasn’t really the track that fascinated us. It was the mystical, instagram-worthy tunnel that laid somewhere along the tracks that got us hyped up. Maybe we could hold a Life Hack class there, we thought aloud! What we couldn’t unearth even with the help of Google Earth made us even more intrigue. And so we set off with what we could piece together based on information dated as long as 5 years ago. Just like life, sometimes the best way forward to the unknown is to just go forth with the clues you have on hand and trust what come along the way. Oh! And recruit friends (we recruited Vincent from The Good Space) just for good measures!

What unfolds below is a recall of our process, hopefully it comes in handy for when we do coordinate a class there, or for the many you seeking your own mini adventure right at the back yard of Jurong.


We took a detour after we found the tunnel. It wasn’t a good day to pass through as the grounds in the tunnel were muddy. Come dressed in long pants and shoes and hop on if you are not worried to get mud on! Drop us a note if you went on the same track as us!