Kampung Jurong Zine


The who/what/when/where/why/how of KAMPUNG

The seeds of the idea came in different shapes and sizes, and was germinated in varying times and conditions.

One seed was planted last year, after being inspired by the small vibrant community in Yuhua and the thought that one could map a community through people and stories in a publication.

The other seed came many years ago through multiple trips to Tokyo. In every prefecture, different wards of the seemingly identical exterior have their own distinct identity. Residents of varying ages produce their own publication that showcases their unique identity. There is an admirable sense of pride and solidarity in a community.

Out of common interest to find beauty in seemingly ordinary neighbourhoods, we have sown the seeds with Bold At Work to experiment with this idea in Jurong. With the support of the Young ChangeMakers grant from the National Youth Council for our first edition, we gathered a small group of people who went on to find a topic that they are interested in about Jurong and express it in the form of their choice.

KAMPUNG is the simultaneous finding and making of identity. We have two levels of purpose. On one level, we hope that it serves as a platform for contributors to excavate something internal and external. An internal excavation of their own ideas and voices, and an external excavation of stories in the community. On the other level, we hope it can evoke in readers a deeper consciousness about the idea of “community” and make them re-look at ordinary spaces with a greater sense of wonder.

We are launching our very first issue this Saturday. It is a patchwork of stories, articles and poems that we humbly wish could pollinate and inspire, or simply bring a sense of pride and wonder.

Hope to see you there!