A guide to JuraSEEK park

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JuraSEEK park is a fun strategy game that requires you to trade resources for the life you most desire to have. As the race to unravels, note that you aren’t the only one, other Dinos have also arrived.


1. Choose the Dino archetype that resonates the most with you


[Bonus] Take the free Bold archetype quiz if you need help on which Dino archetype to pick from! Click here.


2. Collect as many life goals as you desire till the deck runs dry


You collect life goals card by first collecting or trading gems through the accumulation of action cards.


3. During each turn, you can choose to play either of these actions:

  1. Play an action card collected

  2. Take a rest by retrieving back all your action cards

  3. Buy a life goal card

  4. Play your Dino archetype power

Start claiming the life you most seek today!

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