Aren't We all Dreamfools for Someone (thing)?

I think the motivation behind wanting to write a song for my prototype stemmed partly from the activities we did during the workshop — one of which was to think about what our five-year-old self wanted to be, and that was how I realised I had chucked my childhood ‘dream’ of wanting to be a musician or songwriter aside amidst other more pressing priorities growing up. During the course of the workshop, I was also given the space to think about my interests and what I wanted in a career — and for me, there was always this tension between pursuing my passion and practicality. I decided to write a song to see if this was something I really wanted to do as a job — which was how ‘Dreamfools’ came about.

The inspiration for the lyrics came from some of the frustrations I felt at work, but I tweaked it to make it more relatable to anyone who might be listening to the song. Perhaps the cause of your frustration or pain could instead be a person you’d be hoping to find, but haven’t been able to — but in any case, we’re all a ‘dreamfool’ for someone or something that we really want. The lyrics also embodies the tension that I personally felt — between pursuing passion and practicality — in the dialogue that the narrator has with himself/herself throughout the song.

While really fulfilling and enjoyable, the exercise made me realise this may not necessarily be what I want to do as a means of earning money, at least for now, and I was happy to hone it just as a vocation or keep it for personal pleasure. In that sense, the exercise was rather revelatory, in helping me to connect with a self I’d disregarded and in inspiring me to take my interest in music a step further — to pursue other related hobbies such as learning how to DJ or play instruments. Perhaps in the not-so-distant future, I’d be a musician-songwriter, but for now, I’m content just to have resolved this point of tension, which is a step in helping me to plan for the career I want now.

Reflections by Tricia


On my way past Sbux
It’s a quarter past 9
But this doesn’t feel right

Is it because I’m running late
Is it because I jumped the red
Or that my heart lies with another

Who even cares anyway
Who even cares anyway

Anxiety, frustration, apathy
A cyclical mood
I cleanse myself through

Am I wasting your time
Am I wasting my time

I’m just a dreamfool for you
(Dreamfool, dreamfool)

For you
(Fool for you, fool for you)

Time has no meaning
If you ain’t loving where you’re at
Would you take what’s mine
If I do things your way

Should I just reset
Should I just start again
(Without you, without you)

I’m just a dreamfool for you
(Dreamfool, dreamfool)
For you
(Fool for you, fool for you)

What’s a starting point
Supposed to look like
If there’s no ending to this chain

New beginnings
Don’t take this much
If it’s one
That jumpstarts your heart

Are you near me
Are you near me yet

I’m just a dreamfool for you
(Dreamfool, dreamfool)
For you
(Fool for you, fool for you)

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