Our methodology

The Innovation Studio Lab Model 


Our methodology

The Innovation Studio Lab Model 


Borrowing from the architectural studio model and research on the creative learning process, the studio innovation lab is a learning methodology in which a young person develops his or her ideas with guidance and coaching from a library of experts in the field.

Every studio innovation lab is built around a real-world theme (e.g. climate change, migration) and focuses on a set of skills the learner can deploy for the future (e.g. visual design and coding).  

Youths come together to develop their ideas, build prototypes and pitch their projects. In the process, they learn to innovate at the intersection of design and technology, and develop a digital portfolio of skills for the future. 

At BOLD@Work, we:  

IMAGINE: Explore our interests and discover our passions

CREATE: Bring vision to reality through making and trial and error

SHARE: Grow with a community of like-minded peers and coaches

REFLECT: Present our ideas and thought process; learn through feedback and iteration





 Tony Wagner, Innovation Education Fellow at the Technology & Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, interviewed a wide range of young innovators at the top of their fields, to uncover their journey to becoming the people they are. The common thread that was observed in their journey constituted the following: Play, Passion and Purpose.

Taking a leaf from this approach, our programmes are designed to take you from play, passion to purpose. Begin your journey today!  



Play is not just all fun and laughter, but a spirit of experimentation and discovery. Not sure where your passion lies? Start somewhere, try something! 

Come for one of our "Learn By Making" workshops: Get your hands moving and your mind churning! 



Want to explore some of the fields and build some skills? 

Sign up for our foundational skills workshops or get trained in the habits of mind and discipline of a specific domain through one of our career studios.



Practice your skills in real-world projects through apprenticeships with our studio masters.  



How would you know you can be good at something unless you have tried it? 


learn by making 

We are working with our friends from Pameran Poskad to run a series of art workshops and a localised version of the popular exhibition of works!

Learn more by clicking on the link below!  


laser cutting

Come join us in translating your creative ideas from paper into beautiful laser cut designs.   

An initiative under the LearnSG Seed Fund. 

Stay posted on upcoming dates by checking out our fb page!  


BOLD Events 

We run events where participants can come together to discuss and discover views on life and work.

Stay posted on upcoming dates by checking out our fb page!  



Do you know what critical skills interview panels and top companies like Google are looking for when it comes to hiring and selection? Answer: It is a lot more than just grades.  

Hewlett Foundation defines a set of competencies for deeper learning, necessary for one to thrive and succeed in the world of the 21st century.  

Compelling Communication: Showing Up as the Best of Myself

Whether writing college entrance essays, showing up in front of an interview panel or doing a presentation, these are occasions that call for us to show up with the best of what we can offer. 

Learn to uncover the power of your own story and use it to increase your impact.  

Creative Collaboration: Leading With Influence 

No problem worth solving can be solved by one person's effort alone. 

Develop your presence whether as a team player or as a leader by understanding how to deploy your speech and through understanding how to work with self and others. 

Critical Thinking: Problem Solving

Gain insight into new sources of creativity through developing your ability to look closely, explore complexity and look for new opportunities. 

Learn to translate insights into actionable items to create a change in the real world.    



Do I know what motivates me? What brings out my best? How do I know what I really want to do? 

Making one of life's big decisions does not have to be a haphazard journey. Whether you are schooling or working, we have something for you.  


Design Your Life 

A career navigation workshop series based on Design Thinking principles.

Past Participant, M Ping, early 30s

1. What was your biggest learning from MAD?

I have to continue to try and explore what I like doing. Any action is better than waiting for things to happen. Wayfind and perservere.

2. How did attending the session change your perspectives/views, especially towards career?

A lot of the myths of career satisfaction were "busted" during MAD. I learnt that sometimes in the process of "finding your way" you arrive at options that I never considered and can be pursued. I am never too old to start designing my life, but I will never get satisfaction or fulfilment if I don’t plan and action.

3. Did you take any actions as a result of attending the programme?

Yes, like going to visit the TCM and asking for advice and listening to them objectively with an open mind without fear. Then I tried out the options (reading on my own, asking other TCM docs for advice, etc) before deciding and committing to this career path. If it’s not, it’s ok, we can go back to drawing block again to redesign. 

Past Participant, Clare, late 20s

1. What was your biggest learning from MAD?

My biggest discovery was the endless possibilities and joy in the process of way-finding my way to what’s next in life having been in the same job for 6 years. MAD opened my imagination and made what seemed like a stuck situation unstuck.

2. How did attending the session change your perspectives/views, especially towards career?

I used to think that my career and my personal life were two separate entities. The sessions made me realize how the values that I hold dear in my life were very much integrated in my choice and preference of work. 

3. Did you take any actions as a result of attending the programme?

Part of the session required us to brainstorm and design various career- life ‘paths’. We dreamt and came up with life as it would be or if a meteoroid crash the earth. Through that, it has since gave me the courage to continue exploring various options. I’ve started initiating hosting workshops, planning for a career hiatus to spend time building up skills in the areas that excite me. I’ve also taken the conversation to friends and peers who had been stuck just like I was.

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