Love Pazaar


[Starry Night edition]

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” John Lennon
How many times are we given the space to define what love is to us? And learn more of how we can let this flower grow within us?
Celebrate, define and practice love with us at our Love Pazaar! Be guided through an experience both externally and internally to uncover the power of love in the chambers of your heart. This pazaar will give you a space to create loving conversations and interactions within yourself and with others. Come as you are and leave as you wish.

Booths that you can experience:
Dreamcatcher making: Guided with discovery of your spirit animal
Power of words: Reflection on what we tell ourselves with the use of mirrors
Love ATM: exchanging love affirmations using a gashapon machine
Magic of love: Sharing of love stories (not just romantic!)
Love potion: Collaborative soup cooking
Gems of love: Meaningful love crystals for sale!
Card reading: receiving words/ signs to guide you, or just try for fun!
Conversations cafe: Conversation prompts and cosy space curated for you and your loved ones to learn about each other deeper. Including an opportunity to learn to give each other massages!

Preparations you can make:
Prepare to give and receive love in your heart
Bring a partner/ date/ friend(s) to ignite loving conversations at our conversation cafe
Contribute an ingredient to our love potion (anything that is good to cook soup with, like a tomato/potato/broccoli. Just remember, NO PORK, NO LARD)