Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

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Design Your Life- MAD AT WORK

The pace of change is so tremendous, that by one popular estimate, 50% of primary school students today will end up working in jobs that do not yet exist.How do you even begin to plan for the future of work when it is unknown to you?Such a transformation calls for us to re-examine our assumptions and discover new ways to equip ourselves with skills for the future.

If you are stuck or unsure about how to move forward with your next step, join us in MAD At Work to learn how you can apply the principles of design thinking to navigate your career!
What is the kind of work or life that awaits you? You can start designing it now.


Publication Project-
Kampong: Jurong

Kampong – Jurong East is a quarterly zine that is a cross between a human map and a community sketchbook. It is a platform for a myriad of co-creators ranging from the elderly, the youth, migrants, professionals to non-professionals to intersect, explore and express the identity of Jurong East.

Each issue features a thematically curated set of personal stories, photo collages and artworks excavated from the crevices of the HDB jungle to celebrate the perks and quirks of the community. With much creative freedom, we strive to present authentic stories that will evoke in the people of Jurong East a deeper consciousness about their community and inspire other readers to reflect on their own relationship with their neighborhoods.

Commitment Period: Feb to April, Every Fortnight Meetup





Dressmaking used to be an activity that was meant to save cost from buying clothes but now it has turned into a niche that a few are practicing. 

We want to bring back the joy of having your own creative freedom regarding your fashion. Clothes that is made for you are always better than the clothes that are mass produced. So why not come on down to learn how to make your own cheongsam dress for the next Chinese New Year?

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Past Events

Past Events


Pazaar@319- Lim Kopi Lo

PAZAAR@319 -Feat. Lim Kopi Lo!

A Modified Human Library Edition-They share their stories, you craft them into books! Choose to end 2018 through purposeful connections. You won’t know who else you’ll meet here! If you have said no to every other get-togethers, you may just want to be avail for this. Come and go as you wish but let these local stories be felt!


Design Your Life Retreat

Are you in transition? Starting to wonder if it's time for a change? Like to make a move, but don't know how? or simply life is good, but maybe could be a lil' better?

In the spirit of fresh beginnings, we bring you a retreat of possibilities. Spend a weekend(1.5 days) tucked away in the western part of Singapore, as you unwind and go through a series of activities and experiences that would unlock the clarity of what's next in 2019 when it comes to varying priorities in life- work, career, play, health & relationships!

Come with an open mind as you would now play the role of a life designer, as you practice and design collaboratively alongside new friends to experience what it is like to prototype your future selves!


PAZAAR @ 319

4 November, Sunday

An All-Access-Pass to an array of creative workshops and interactive booths is now available at just $10!

PAZAAR@319 is here to introduce what it is like to BOLD in the heartlands of Jurong! Come on down to have a fun time and let this neighbourhood charm you with its whimsies!


DIY Solar Powered Lights - A Community Workshop

18 October, Thursday

Something exciting is brewing at BOLD that will LIGHT up your day. Join local artist - Yun, on 18 October (2pm - 4pm) to design your very own DIY Solar Powered Lights that will be featured in one of the installations at i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition next January! All Ages- Friendly!



A MAD AT WORK prototype special brings together two young ladies whom have the common interest of providing a safe and comfortable space for people (young and old) to relax and be present.

Come join them as they share their own knowledge and practice and hopefully leave you with not just a greater mind, body and spirit but also new friends through this magical experience.



May - June 2018

Pameran Poskad 2018 is a group exhibition of postcard-sized artworks that is open to anyone and everyone. It is about sharing the joy of experiencing art as an organizer, creator, appreciator and collector.

This year, we brought it to the heartlands by holding the preview in Yuhua, at Bold At Work.

PP 2018 hosted a series of creative community workshops and partners our designated charity - Beautiful People, where sales of works were donated.



Friday, July 28, 2017
7:00pm – 9:00pm


First of the Bold Speaker Series, reframing the future of work.

If you were to take on a new perspective on the choices you make in life, what would it look like? What if you were free to define success on your own terms? What if your weakness could actually become a unique strength that takes you further in life than you ever thought? 

Join Photographers and creatives Ian and Alex to hear their journeys and how they connect the dots looking backwards.





Saturday, July 22, 2017
3:00pm – 5:00pm


Archi Travel Pêcha Kucha II is here!!! 
20 slides of archi travel photos x 20 seconds each. 

What architectural works have inspired you and kept you going? Which are the places that have moved your heart? Any top travel sights which stopped you in your tracks? Come join us in our merrymaking and celebration of these experiences. Share your personal favourites, and gain insight on what's good. 



We have put together a whole day of fun-filled activities just for you. From making ice cream, and concrete alphabets to immersing yourself in modern art, come and create your very own experience with us!

As all proceeds of food, drinks and workshop revenues will go towards supporting youths at Lakeside FSC, please consider donating for a good cause 💗