The “Life by Design” programme aims to enhance workplace health and engagement as participants develop an understanding of their work vis-a-vis their other life domains and understand their unique gifts, strengths and capacity to design their lives for greater satisfaction.

The following workshops can be taken either separately or as a series of 3.

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Workshop 1: Designing a Day at Work (3 hrs)

In this workshop, participants will reflect on their satisfaction levels in their respective life domains, and learn how to intentionally factor in greater engagement and satisfaction, designing for better energy patterns that work for them in their daily lives.  

Cost: $80/pax (minimum of 20 pax)


Workshop 2: My Everyday Hero’s Journey (3 hrs)

Participants work in story circles to share personal stories according to ‘hero archetypes’. They each become the hero/heroine in their own quest, recognizing how they use their gifts to overcome the challenges placed before them. For corporate clients, this workshop could also be one where employees work together to map out not just their individual archetypes but also that of the organisation’s.

Cost: $80/pax (minimum of 20 pax)

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Workshop 3: The Ikigai Dilemma (3 hrs)

Ikigai is the popular Japanese concept that one finds purpose and coherence at the intersection of ‘What you love’, ‘What you care about’, ‘What the world needs’, and ‘What you can get paid for’. But the journey to one’s ikigai is not as straightforward as it might seem. In this workshop, participants will reflect on tensions and dilemmas in their lives, reframe their thinking and work through a prototype for moving forward towards designing a life that works for them.

Cost: $80/pax (minimum of 20 pax)