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Do Your Life a career design programme by BOLD AT WORK

This programme is suitable for youths who are

  • not sure what you want to do in your career

  • considering a job change but do not feel confident to do so

  • have lost or left their jobs and experience stuckness and difficulty in deciding how to move forward with their next career move.

You will go through through the four stages of exploration and learning:

  • Understand Significance

  • Imagine Possibilities

  • Explore Prototypes

  • Choose and Advance

This programme is inspired by the Designing Your Life freshman seminar developed by the Stanford school. Over the course of 3 sessions, you will gain a better understanding of yourself that will help guide your career choices. You will access multiple different possibilities and learn practical tools for how to move forward.

What is the kind of work or life that awaits you? You can start designing it now.


2019 Dates:

Run 6: 22nd June, 23rd June, 29th June

Run 7: 6th July, 7th July, 13 July

Run 8: 17th Aug, 18 Aug, 24 Aug

Run 9: 14th -15 Sept (special retreat edition)

Timings: 10am - 5pm

* Participants are encouraged to attend all the sessions. There will be no refunds if participants are unable to attend any one of the sessions.

* Please sign up and make payment latest a week before the first session starts. Payment details will be sent to you through email after you have registered with us.


  • Standard: $100/pax

  • Buddy deal: $120

* Participants are required to process the payment to confirm their participation